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Help your team work smarter from home!

The New Permanent
By now we know that home office work is somewhat effective. Not for everyone and not all the time, but the new writing is on the wall and remote work is here to stay. A hybrid model of in-office and home-based work is and will be a big component of work place strategy going forward.
So how will we make people comfortable and effective in this new context?
If this is on your mind too, let’s work on this together. We know too well that one size does not fit all. And we don’t have all the answers, but we have some when it comes to making it easy to set up your remote workers with physical ergonomic equipment.
According to Article 275 of the Labour Code, the employer in Bulgaria is obligated to guarantee safe and healthy working
conditions regardless of wheather work is being carried out from the office or from home. In both cases the employers are
responsible to eliminate or minimise any health and safety risks,
so far as reasonably practicable.
  • High-performance, ergonomic and regulatory compliant
  • Manufactured to commercial standards
  • Products are either delivered assembled, or easy-to-assemble with standard tools
  • The service provides your remote workers with a pre-approved set to choose from
  • Remote workers select products and enter delivery details via our online platform
  • Products are delivered directly to their homes
  • Optional bi-monthly consolidated company billing
Contact us for details on product selection
and special pricing