T50 Ergonomic Task Chair

By Sidiz

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Ergonomic task chair which offers consistently high comfort level, regardless of the user's weight and height, their posture or chair settings. Sidiz features the latest generation of mesh, to offer enhanced support and contemporary aesthetics. The chair not only provides complete comfort along with permeability and elasticity, but also delivers refined beauty and usability in its slim design.

  • height and depth adjustable arms
  • synchronized tilting - the seat pan and backrest tilt independently in response to natural body movements
  • adjustable tilt tension
  • seat slope and slide adjustment
  • backrest curvature - naturally supports the spine, enabling the user to maintain the correct and most comfortable ergonomic posture
  • 5-star base in polished aluminum
  • black nylon 6 back frame
  • polished aluminum armrest structure
  • black textile seat cover
  • black mesh backrest

All-time favorite, T50

Boost your motivation.

Great thing are done when you fully focus on yourself. With numerous adjusting functions provided by T50,
find utmost comfort to perform.

Practical and Beautiful

T50 is not only beautiful, but also practical in the ergonomic point
of view.It ideally supports your back, helping you stay comfortable all day long. With T50 moving naturally with you, you‘ll be supported in every single position.


Sidiz’s high quality polyester-striped mesh backrest provides a comfortable seating experience.

Good ventilation will surprisingly improve your work focus.

Function & Material

Essential functions to customize your chair and
Carefully chosen materials for better user experience

Mesh Back

High quality mesh back
for long term use

Multi Sync

Multi limited tilting (5 step)
+ Syncronized tilting

Nylon Casters

Durable Casters

Lumbar Support

2-way adjustable
lumbar support


Adjustable seat

Mesh Back

3-way adjustable armrest

3 reasons why a good office chair
beats a good gaming chair:

Gaming Chair

gaming chairs typically have raised sides (like sports car seats), which restrict the movement, weight distribution and create pressure points. That is not really comfy.

Ergonomic Office Chair

good office chairs have contoured seats with generous curves, supportive seat membranes and waterfall edge (reduces pressure under thighs) for wide-range fit and long-lasting comfort.

Gaming Chair

gaming chairs have winged sides and loose cushions for lumbar support, which are not effective and distributing pressure points and providing stress-free support. It might look cool, but it is not purposeful.

Ergonomic Office Chair

the backrest of an ergonomic chair follows the natural curvature of our back (horizontally and vertically), distributes the pressure over a large surface area and provides dynamic lumbar and effective thoracic support.

Gaming Chair

gaming chairs typically have large recline range, but you have to activate it manually, leaving us in predominantly static positions for hours on end. This leads for bad backs, reduced cognition and ill health.

Ergonomic Office Chair

good ergonomic chairs have self-balancing mechanisms with dynamic recline, allowing intuitive movement as needed during intense gaming session. Movement nourishes our bodies and improves our wellbeing.


Seat Height
Multi-limited Tilting
Tilting Strength Adjustment
Lumbar support – Height
Lumbar support – Depth
Seat Depth
Seat Forward Tilt
Headrest – Height – Angle/Depth
Armrest – Height – Angle/Depth

Aesthetically Pleasing.

This unique and beautiful art piece
will bring you delight.


The beautifully-shaped backrest makes your waist remain in an S-shape and prevents back pain while weight on the lumber disk is distributed properly.


T50 consists of an aluminum frame to ensure high durability. The parts that touch the body are made of more soft and comfortable materials for your comfort. The seat pad allows you to have a more padded pillowy sitting experience.



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